KOMORI Calendar 2017

"Expansion" | Artworks by Sekka Kamisaka

The 2017 KOMORI Corporation Calendar kicks off a new series under the theme of 'Expansion'. This series is conscious of the theme of 'change', while also maintaining the original concept of multi-colored and elaborate expression through print using high value-added printing, and also focuses on developing the further potential of print to make it more attractive. The traditional Japanese art form of woodblock prints are works that combined the skills of various master craftspeople, including painters, sculptors and printers, to ultimately produce a single work. These works have been produced with a new, modern charm that, from the perspective of a sculptor and printer, adds coloration and texture through the abundant use of the latest printing technology based on Sekka Kamisaka's original design. With regard to adding new allure, the cover has been printed using the cutting-edge digital printing system Impremia IS29, and processed with the Highcon Euclid II + (digital cutting).

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