Shinwa Seisakusyo Impermira NS40 Open House

Thursday , February 6-Friday , February 7 ,2020

On February 6 and 7, 2020, an Impremia NS40 Open House was held at Shinwa Seisakusyo, which installed the Impremia NS40 40″ Sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System for field testing purposes in November 2019. Representative Director Yasunari Yamazaki explains, “The primary reason for installing the Impremia NS40 is to eliminate the need for customer attendance at printing. At our company, customers often attend printing, and we also spend a lot of time on attendance at on-press proofing. To eliminate this need for monitoring, we decided to install this press and implement digital proofing and production. We are also paying attention to environmentally friendly printing methods. Landa’s NanoInk® has very good gloss for surface processing, and it is possible to obtain the same numbers for glossiness by printing and pressing as by PP lamination. If good results are produced in future tests, we can propose no film, no aluminum plates, and less paper waste to our clients.”

The Impremia NS40 uses Landa’s NanoInk® that is ejected onto the blanket and instantaneously adheres to the surface of the paper, realizing high speed and vivid, highly abrasion-resistant printing. Plant Manager Takehide Iwamoto describes the field tests: “We tested by assuming various problems in many processes: dry down and discoloration in pressing and PP (lamination) processes; bleeding, swelling and ink cracking due to backtrapping
with aqueous NanoInkTM   in paper joining; ink cracking in die cutting; and ink cracking caused by ink stains on the transport belt due to belt friction. Test results showed that the Impremia NS40 solved all these issues.”

In the first job of the demonstration, three images featuring high color gamut, multi-imposition packaging, and confectionery boxes using special colors were output by merge printing with coating. The printing speed was 6,500 sph, and printing of 300 sheets was completed in less than three minutes.

In the second job, a sudden color change requested by the client was assumed and the press printed 100 sheets with the change of one special color on the confectionery box from the first job. Data having a mixture of CMYK, RGB, and special colors in the image was used. Special colors can be set easily by selection from the library or by directly inputting Lab or CMYK values.