Thursday , June 21 ,2018

Komori America hosted the Highcon Engage VIP event at Komori Graphic Center-America, where a full house came to hear how digital technology can help grow business. Komori demonstrated the power of the Lithrone GX40 and the Impremia IS29.

Output from both Komori machines was used to showcase the Highcon Euclid III’s ability to cut and crease using laser technology. Guest speakers included Brand Packaging and Innovation Consultant Mike Ferrari, President of Ferrari Innovations, who spoke to the audience about Accelerating Growth in the Digital Economy, and Ricardo Garcia, Vice President at Hera Printing Corp., who discussed how the Highcon Euclid III has impacted his business and allowed him to grow and provide services he was unable to offer in the past. The event wrapped up with a panel discussion with representatives from Prairiefire Communications, a design firm, Hera Printing and Highcon, followed by an audience Q & A session.