Autumn Fair 2018 at KGC-J

Friday , October 12 ,2018

The Autumn Fair 2018 was held on Friday, October 12, 2018, at the Komori Graphic Technology Center in the Tsukuba Plant. Three seminars were presented: the first, process control and automation by KP-Connect Pro; the second, the front line of Komori digital printing systems; and the third, postpress systems offering automation and laborsaving.

For the demonstrations, an eight-color Lithrone GX40RP H-UV L (LED) showed off three jobs printed with preset data automatically sent by KP-Connect Pro and nonstop production driven by Autopilot with just one operator. Quality control was handled by PQA-S V5, and Parallel Makeready simultaneously managed A-APC, blanket washing and ink settings. Total time for three jobs: 9 minutes 21 seconds.

Next, the Impremia IS29 sheetfed inkjet digital printing system was paired with Highcon’s Euclid digital cutting and creasing system for two jobs: the first demonstrating high-precision color matching by K-ColorSimulator 2, and the second showing the system’s wide color gamut potential with RGB variable output and detailed laser finishing.