Banknote 2016

Monday , May 23-Thursday , May 26 ,2016

Some 664 delegates from the central banks, national printing bureaus, and institutions requiring security printing technologies of 71 countries attended Banknote 2016 in Washington, D.C., held May 23–26, 2016.
This meeting delivers in-depth insight and exper t knowledge from international stakeholders — encompassing critical aspects of banknote design, production, issue and usage in today’s ever-changing business climate. And since this conference gathers figures from national printing bureaus and private banknote printers under one roof, it offers an unrivalled opportunity to Komori.
As a primary sponsor, Komori introduced the latest banknotes and currency printing presses in the Komori stand. This drew a great number of delegates and resulted in many inquiries. This very significant conference also offered occasions to discuss technical collaboration with industry partners and exchange views concerning ongoing projects.
On May 26, Phil Holland, Senior Sales Manager at the UK branch of the Security Press Sales Depar tment, offered a presentation entitled “Preservation of the Environment when Manufacturing,” introducing Komori environmental initiatives such as the eco-sensitive Tsukuba Plant, ECO Vision 2030 and the Green Project.
Komori will continue to make full use of opportunities such as this to concentrate efforts on the banknote and security printing machinery business.

Phil Holland, Senior Sales Manager, Security Press Sales Department UK Branch

Phil Holland, Senior Sales Manager,
Security Press Sales Department UK Branch