Thursday , March 1-Friday , March 2 ,2018

The Open New Pages Show 2018 was held at the Tsukuba Plant Komori Graphic Technology Center on March 1st and 2nd, 2018. On both days a special lecture by Kazuhisa Nakamura, Production Manager of Kosaido’s Saitama Plant, was presented on the Impremia IS29 sheetfed UV inkjet digital printing system installed by Kosaido.

Mr. Nakamura explained: “We compared the Impremia IS29 with two other digital machines. Each of these systems had strengths and shortcomings, but we decided to
install the Impremia IS29 for five reasons: paper compatibility, onepass duplex printing, color matching,wide color gamut and print quality.”

“We thought the wide color gamut would come alive in the work of creators who are very particular about color, and they offered high praise for the results. This made
us realize that they were negative toward low print quality rather than digital printing.”

Demos show coordination
Following the lecture, demos were run on three different machines. The first demo featured a six-color Lithrone GX40 H-UV printing 500 sheets of packaging with a special drip-off effect by using four-color process inks, OP varnish and coating. The new Aressia MB110E blanking system then handled the blanking to create finished products.

Linked to KP-Connect Pro, an eight-color Lithrone GX40RP H-UV L (LED) performed three jobs nonstop at 18,000 sph in just 9 minutes 45 seconds. The new Apressia CTX115 cutting system handled cutting for the first job.

And finally the Impremia IS29 teamed up with the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing system to run three jobs. In the first job, the Impremia IS29 output the same image printed by the Lithrone GX40RP for color matching. The second job was a wide-gamut poster with DIC 35 and Pantone 54 on four-color process. For the third job, a desktop calendar and case were printed, and the Euclid handled cutting to create the case.