Open New Pages Show 2017 Summer

Thursday , July 20-Friday , July 21 ,2017

The 2017 Summer Open New Pages Show open house was held Thursday, July 20 and Friday, July 21, 2017 at the Komori Graphics Technology Center (KGC) in Komori Corporation’s Tsukuba Plant.
Held twice each day in the morning and afternoon, the events drew 204 visitors and multiple solutions that produce maximum effect in packaging and commercial printing were shown.

To start, a seminar was held in the Tsukuba Plant Conference Room. Executive Operating Officer and Domestic Sales Group General Manager Yoshinobu Komori offered a welcome address, and the customer who undertakes various efforts to make a profit through the products of Komori gave a presentation.

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After that, the functions of the day’s exhibit machines and the demonstration highlights were explained. Following the seminar, customers were guided to KGC and observed the demonstrations under the theme of commercial/packaging solutions. The Komori’s total solutions as a Print Engineering Service Provider for materials, equipment and postpress were shown.

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■Commercial Solutions
The color matching of offset and digital printing, variable printing enabled by digital printing and the business model of the process for final product connected with postpress were introduced.

[Demonstration 1; Lithrone GX40RP]

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The state-of-the-art Lithrone GX40RP has no perfecting mechanism so no margin is needed on the tail edge of the sheet. Because of the single-sided gripper configuration, paper costs can be minimized and stable, high-productivity one-pass double-sided printing is possible with not only light but also heavy stock. The exhibition machine was equipped with H-UV L (LED), which has been added to the H-UV lineup, and K-Supply products including the ink were used in the demonstration.

In the first job, printing 16-page A4 photograph collection focusing on summer in Japan, the performance of H-UV L (LED) curing system even with 16,500 sph and various systems that enable high productivity such as PQA-S V5 Print Quality Assessment System with color control and automatic register adjustment was shown.
In addition, by the sample with the same image printed on the Impremia IS29, high accuracy color matching thanks to K-ColorSimulator 2 CMS software that is based on offset printing was introduced.

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The printed sheets were immediately cut by the Apressia CT115 programmable hydraulic cutter and processed by the Horizon Stitchliner saddle-stitching system. The bound final products were then shown to visitors.
Following production printing of the second job, a poster of a synthetic paper YUPO® for light panel was printed, customers moved to the next demonstration.

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[Demonstration 2; Impremia IS29]

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The Impremia IS29 digital printing system is suitable for a wide range of paper weights and sizes and enables printing on the same stocks as offset without any precoating or special processing. It is also capable of single-sided or double-sided high quality printing. Providing high register accuracy due to the gripper-to-gripper sheet transfer device, the same as an offset press, and enabling one-pass double-sided printing by instant UV curing for immediate finishing, this printing system is ideal for short runs of many different items and short turnarounds.

In the first job, Impremia IS29 showed book printing with the same image as printed on the Lithrone GX40RP and they were cut by the Apressia CT115. For the next job, 28 kinds of a B2 poster themed on summer were output, and visitors saw the vivid colors of wide color gamut that is the characteristic of digital printing.

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■Package Solutions
Introducing various inspection equipment and new system suited to package printing, economical production of high added value final product in collaboration with postpress was shown.

[Demonstration 1; Lithrone GX40]
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The Lithrone GX40 is the ideal 40-inch press for package printing and special printing, offering a sheet thickness range of 0.06–1.0 mm and provides very stable operation.
The Lithrone GX40 demonstrated total solution for packaging such as high quality maintenance and control capability required for package printing in collaboration with postpress.
In the first job, using the stock that had been printed with silver varnish on the coating unit, high added value confectionery box printing through 4 color process, spot color, spot varnish and coating was shown.

During trial print, optional feature what suits package printing and new technologies including an automatic ink roller washing system were introduced. The new automatic ink roller washing system significantly improves color changing, which is a bottleneck in printing with special colors.
Checking color and register, the PDF Comparator System worked on the test sheet. The system performs inspection by comparing the PDF, which is digital data, with the actual printed item that has been scanned by sensors. After that, the press performed production printing in max printing speed of 18,000 sph.

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Worked the nonstop feeder and delivery, production printing was finished. After folding and gluing process, visitor checked the high-quality texture of silver coating similar metalized paper.

[Demonstration 2; Impremia IS29]
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For the demonstration of the package solutions, Impremia IS29 output some localized special confectionery boxes compare to the normal package printed by Lithrone G40.

In the first job, stickers with several prefectures in Japan for putting on the package were printed. After the image of wide color gamut was output on tack paper, it had half cutting done by the Highcon Euclid 2+ Digital Cutting and Creasing System. In the second job, small lot package was output on the same stocks as Lithrone G40.

Impremia IS29 representated 6 pantone colors on the image of package by 4 colors. Samples were cut by Highcon Euclid 2+, glued and distributed. Finally, some samples printed in demonstration of commercial solutions and samples of art collection from Artron were introduced.

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*The Highcon Euclid 2 offers the world’s first fully on-demand digital cutter by using laser and digital rule generation technology DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology).

At the site, not only the machines demonstrated but also postpress, service and K-Supply products were exhibited, and Komori’s approach as a Print Engineering Service Provider was introduced. During the close-up observation of the machines, attentive questions and comments regarding the various products and samples were exchanged and the open house successfully ended.

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