Asian Open House 2017

Tuesday , June 20 ,2017

Komori is making its presence known in more and more countries.
In June 2017, Myanmar and Nepal saw Komori open house events take place in their commercial centers.
The Myanmar open house, held on June 20, was hosted by Shwe Htee Printing in Yangon. Around 20 visitors watched a four-color Lithrone A37 being put through its paces. Data was sent from the PCC to the press, which performed four-color printing.The high reproduction capability of the press was illustrated by printing micro-characters in the image. Two days later in Kathmandu, Nepal, Prism Color showed its four-color Enthrone 29 printing a four-color job to a group  of 20 printers. Komori is very happy with the results of these events and looking forward to participating in the growth of the printing industry in these emerging economies.