Open New Pages Show 2016 Autumn

Thursday , November 17-Friday , November 18 ,2016

The 2016 Autumn Open New Pages Show open house was held Thursday, November 17 and Friday, November 18, 2016 at the Komori Graphics Technology Center in Komori Corporation’s Tsukuba Plant.

Based on ‘Open New Pages,’ the Komori main theme at drupa 2016, multiple solutions that produce maximum effect in packaging and commercial printing were shown.

Held twice each day in the morning and afternoon, the events drew 274 visitors from Japan, China, Korea and other Asian countries and regions.

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To start, a seminar was held in the Tsukuba Plant Conference Room. Senior Executive Operating Officer and Domestic Sales Group General Manager Yoshinobu Komori offered a welcome address and each person in charge explained the functions of the day’s exhibit machines and the demonstration highlights as well as KP-Connect printing task control software that is the core of the Komori Solution Cloud. Following the seminar, customers were guided to KGC and the exhibit machines were demonstrated.

• Day 1: Thursday, November 17

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The state-of-the-art eight-color 40-inch Front/Reverse Multi-Color Offset Printing Press Lithrone GX40RP has no perfecting mechanism so no margin is needed on the tail edge of the sheet. Because of the single-sided gripper configuration, paper costs can be minimized and stable, high-productivity one-pass double-sided printing is possible with not only light but also heavy stock.

In the demonstration, two jobs of paged work were printed nonstop while the printing speed and process/changeover time were displayed. Advanced technology for extremely high productivity even with short runs, color matching performance and total solutions made possible by means of diverse K-Supply products were shown.

In the first job, 200 sheets of a high-end cosmetics catalogue that had been preset were printed by double-sided printing at 16,500 sph and then instantly cured by the H-UV curing system. The catalogues were immediately cut by the Apressia CT115 programmable hydraulic cutter and processed by the Horizon Stitchliner saddlestitching system. The bound final products were then shown to visitors.

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Following printing, production printing of the second job was started in just 3 minutes 16 seconds by means of automatic changeover. With the quick start of production printing following print startup, 400 sheets of a watch catalogue were printed; the two jobs were completed in 5 minutes 55 seconds. The visitors checked the color matching precision of K-ColorSimulator 2 original easy color management software that connects offset and digital printing. Finally, the KP-Connect Solution Cloud that optimizes the operation of Komori presses using IoT technology and service products were introduced, and time was provided for visitors to study the machine up close.

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After studying the machine, the group moved to a different area and saw the demonstration of the H-UV-equipped System G38 offset printing press. A machine combining the H-UV technology of sheetfed presses and the productivity of webfed presses, the System G38 features the high productivity of its 30,000 sph maximum printing speed while having a total length (about 20 m) equal to an eight-color sheetfed perfector. Since it is equipped with the H-UV system, there is no dryer standby time, startup time and paper waste can be cut, and the press is very suitable to medium and small lots.

This press is equipped with the Komori-made H-UV curing system, and K-Supply products, including the ink, were used in the demonstration. Using the same image printed by the Lithrone GX40RP, the sheets were cured by H-UV with no heat wrinkles or stretching and the quality compared favorably to prints from the sheetfed press. Following the demonstration, the covers of the press were opened and time for close observation of the machine and the printing samples was provided.

• Day 2: Friday, November 18

On the second day, the advantages of test marketing, such as risk reduction, selection of targets and more efficient production and sales strategy, as well as a case study were introduced in the seminar and sales development proposals for the cosmetics industry using Komori products were demonstrated as a model.

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The Impremia IS29 digital printing system is suitable for a wide range of paper weights and sizes and enables printing on the same stocks as offset without any precoating or special processing. It is also capable of single-sided or double-sided high quality printing. Providing high register accuracy due to the gripper-to-gripper sheet transfer device, the same as an offset press, and enabling one-pass double-sided printing by instant UV curing for immediate finishing, this printing system is ideal for short runs of many different items and short turnarounds.

Three jobs were demonstrated with the Impremia IS29. At the beginning, double-sided member brochures personalized with individual names were output at 1,500 sph maximum printing speed.

Next, a cosmetics sales promotion poster that takes advantage of the wide color gamut, the strong point of an inkjet machine, was output at the 3,000 sph maximum printing speed.

Finally, small lots of various different packages for limited sales were output, and visitors saw the quick changeover of paper thicknesses and single-sided/double-sided (conversion) output.

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The demonstration of the H-UV-equipped Lithrone GX40 showed printing of cosmetics packages for a nationwide rollout that had been decided based on the sales of the small-lot packages produced with the Impremia IS29, as well as the work being sent to postpress and the completion of final products.

Regarding the optional Sheet Numbering System and PDF Comparator System, visitors checked the high quality maintenance and control capability required in packaging by means of the actual detection and ejection of a marked sheet.

Work printed at 18,000 sph and cured by H-UV was punched at a 7,500 rpm maximum operating speed by the Apressia DC105 Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting Machine, which includes various labor-saving devices, and formed by the Laserck-made master gluer.

The completion of final products on an efficient integrated production line was shown, and a total sales promotion business model for a cosmetics maker was suggested.

At the site, not only the machines demonstrated but also postpress, service and K-Supply products were exhibited, and Komori’s approach as a Print Engineering Service Provider was introduced.

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During the close-up observation of the machines, attentive questions and comments regarding the various products and samples were exchanged and the open house successfully ended.