KGC-E Openhouse

Wednesday , October 19-Thursday , October 20 ,2016

Komori Europe organized another two-day Open House on October 19–20, focusing on 40-inch presses and Komori instant curing technologies, ranging from UV to H-UV and H-UV L (LED). Satoshi Mochida, President and COO of Komori, emphasized the importance of the European market for Komori’s H-UV technology: “Europe has become our second best H-UV market after Japan, with more than 175 presses sold out of a total of over 700 worldwide. I am sure that our teams will convince you that, whatever your printing needs, Komori has the solution for you.”
Komori showed its UV, H-UV and H-UV L (LED) technology in live demonstrations on a six-color Lithrone GX40 + C with UV, an eight-color Lithrone G40P with H-UV and a five-color Lithrone G40 + C with H-UV L (LED). The advantages of instant curing became immediately clear to the audience: no spray powder and every sheet leaves the press completely dry. “Komori is evolving from a specialist offset press manufacturer to a Print Engineering Service Provider, remaining firm in its belief in the power and the future of paper, and strong in its commitment to anticipating the needs of its customers,” Mr. Mochida reiterated at the event.

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